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President - Brandon M. Boyer
Vice-President - Kevin R. Hoffman
Treasurer - Erich E. Hawbaker

Members - MarySue Hartman • Brandy J. Linn • Matthew Gordon •  
Donald L. Piper • James B. Taylor • Clifford A. Smith, Jr.

Non-Members - Beard Legal Group (Solicitor) • Ann M. Lewis (Secretary)
Mr. Rodney N. Benedick (Superintendent)

Elizabeth Cooper & Kenya Peckman (Student Representatives) 

The Tuscarora School District Board voted unanimously to approve the following statements at the board meeting on April 23rd concerning the direction of the school district:



Tuscarora School District is committed to the pursuit of becoming a community of highly effective educators who are Focused on Learning, who work to build and sustain a Collaborative Culture within the district, and who are Results Oriented to assure All Students Achieve at High Levels. To this end, Tuscarora School District Board of Directors support the district’s efforts to build a Professional Learning Community and a sustainable Curriculum Mapping process through which we will engage in a collective responsibility to answer the Big 4 Questions:

  • What do we expect students to learn?
  • How will we measure it?
  • What will we do for students who are not learning?
  • What will we do for students who are learning?


Tuscarora school district is committed to a continuous effort to build a professional learning culture that creates and clearly communicates a focus on learning, collaborative culture, and results orientation centered around the “four big questions”.