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If you suffer a work-related injury, your health and well being are our first concern.  If the injury is of a serious nature and requires the assistance of an ambulance or rescue personnel, they should be contacted immediately.  If the injury is of a less serious nature, the following procedures must be followed:


1.  If you suffer a work-related injury, the first thing you MUST do is report the injury to your supervisor or a designated person in your building. Second, contact the Human Resources Department at (717) 328-3127 extension 2817 or 2807.


2.  If you require a prescription for your work-related injury or disease, do not use your personal health plan prescription card. Please use the OPTUM Key Risk First Fill Form which you will receive in your claim package.  After Human Resources reports your claim, you will receive a claim number of injury.  Please use this claim number when seeing a panel physician. 


3.  If you suffer a work-related injury, our insurer will pay reasonable surgical and medical services and supplies, orthopedic appliances and prosthetics, including training in their use when needed. In order to insure that your medical treatment will be paid for by our insurer, you must select from one of the health-care providers posted on the Key Risk Participating Providers List for your initial care:


4.  Please call in advance for an appointment if you need treatment. You must continue to treat with one of these providers for ninety (90 days) from the date of your first visit. 


5.  If, after this ninety (90) day period, you still need treatment and the Tuscarora School District has provided this list, you may choose to continue with this health care provider, or you may choose another provider. You must notify the Human Resources Department of this action within five (5) days of your first visit to the health care provider of your choice.  Your bills will be paid if you have provided proper notice and if your provider files reports as required.  (These reports must be filed within ten (10) days after your first visit and at least once a month for as long as treatment continues.)


6.  If one of the health care providers posted on the Key Risk Participating Providers List refers you to a specialist, our insurer will pay for these services as provided by law.


All workers’ compensation claims will be processed on behalf of the School District by:


Key Risk

P.O. Box 49129

Greensboro, NC 27419

Phone:  1-800-942-0225