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Curriculum & Instruction

Mr. Richard Burkett, photo
Mr. Rick Burkett, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, began his career with the Tuscarora School District as an English teacher during the 1987-88 school year. Since that time, he has served as a Principal of St. Thomas and Mt. View Elementary Schools, Assistant Principal at James Buchanan High School, and more recently, Principal of Instructional Technology.
The goal of the department of Curriculum and Instruction is to provide access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum built upon both PA and National standards. We aim to prepare our students for their future success through the use of innovative, engaging instructional practices designed to ensure every child achieves at high levels.
Through collaboration and professional inquiry, our teachers seek to answer four key questions: 
  • What do we expect students to learn? 
  • How will we measure what they are learning?
  • How do we respond to students who are not learning? 
  • How do we respond to students who are learning?
By responding to these questions within a professional learning community engaged in an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement, we will be able to realize our mission to "Empower All Students for Their Unlimited Next"!
B.S.     English - Secondary Education    Bloomsburg University
M.Ed.  English - Secondary Education    Shippensburg University
K-12    Administrative Certification           Shippensburg University
Mr. Rick Burkett, Director of Curriculum and Instruction                                     717-328-3127    ext. 2019
Mrs. Darla Danzberger, Administrative Assistant, Curriculum and Instruction    717-328-3127    ext. 2812