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AM/PM Bus Assignment Procedures


Students in the Tuscarora School District may have a different address for their morning and afternoon bus stops as long as the pickup and drop off sites are consistent over time and are located in the student’s school attendance area.  For example, your child may get off the bus each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at home.  On Tuesday and Thursday, he/she may get off the bus at a daycare provider if that provider is located in the child’s school attendance area.


If the need arises to change a child’s bus assignment for a period of time due to a temporary change in childcare or a work schedule change, the parent or guardian may request a bus assignment change by completing and submitting an EMERGENCY BUS PASS/CHANGE FORM. The form will then be approved or denied within 48 hours. This form is for emergencies OR permanent changes only!  If it is abused then, unfortunately, the request will be denied. This form can be found by clicking on the form tab to the left of this page under forms for students and parents.


If an emergency situation requires a bus assignment change immediately, the parent may call the school and make the request.  The Transportation Director will be responsible for the approval or denial of emergency requests.  Emergencies include events such as a death in the family or a last-minute change in a parent’s work schedule. 

Tuscarora SD transports around 2,500+ students to and from school each day over the 180 days of the school year logging over 1.5 million miles annually. The District’s 201 square mile attendance area is covered using a transportation system consisting of 128 internal bus routes operated by eight separate contractors. This number does not include private school and special needs routes. Our schedule involves a two-tier system. Elementary schools are picked up first to arrive at school by 7:20 a.m. The buses then return to their routes and pick up secondary students in order to arrive prior to the 8:20 a.m. start of middle/high school. The same cycle reverses in the afternoon with elementary schools releasing at 2:10 p.m. and secondary at 3:15 p.m.

Our district is fortunate to have a wealth of experience in our dedicated contractors and bus drivers. Some of our drivers have been driving a bus for over 30 years in the District. As you are aware, driving your car can be a challenging activity so imagine driving a 38-foot yellow bus filled with up to 72 young men and women, all with different ages and needs. When you speak with your child, ask them to imagine they are playing their favorite video game and 50 of their friends are behind them yelling, laughing and throwing things. Ask them, "How well would you be able to focus on your favorite game?" This scenario helps the students to understand how distracting bad behavior can be on the bus. Of course, they would respond, "I wouldn't be able to focus." Our bus drivers have the responsibility of watching the road, other drivers and making sure that the students are obeying the bus rules for everyone's safety. The drivers love your children and care about their well-being. It is the position of the Tuscarora School District that it is not unreasonable to expect students to remain seated, orderly, and under control on the bus ride to and from school. 

The District regularly reviews all bus routes and stops for efficiency. Naturally, we are looking at reducing miles to save direct contract costs along with environmental impact. We are also looking to save time. The hour between the elementary pickup and the secondary is tight for several buses and JBHS routinely has late buses. Our goal is to develop an acceptable service level across the district by making sensible, safe route reductions or consolidating stops. With the price of fuel uncertain and the state of the economy even less certain, we must look for ways to be more efficient.

We greatly appreciate the support and partnership of our parents in helping us to provide a safe, orderly environment for the students and drivers while on the school bus.
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